AcupunctureIt is becoming more popular this ancient technique of rejuvenation in a modern spa , in Chinese medicine theory, the face reflect the strength and functionality of the internal organ , as the organs are fortify and the circulation of energy and blood are balanced, it will be reflected on the face as a brighter complexion, rejuvenated appearance . So the cosmetic acupuncture is holistic and take into account the balance of the whole body .

Very fine needles are used for the face and body , the process is virtually painless and require no downtime , it will take a series of treatments , usually 10-12 sessions to achieve desirable effect , it is unrealistic to expect a “facelift” as some of the advertisement says, it take decades of sun exposure , stress and environmental damages to cause the aging , thus removing these damages instantly is no what we promise; cosmetic acupuncture can remedy the skin by ensuring the balance flow of energy that in the end gives the client a a tighter jaw line, brighter eye , more even complexion, less pronounced wrinkles, or erasure of fine lines , reduced eye bag and dark circle ,most importantly the client achieve a beauty from inside out.

cosmetic-acupuncture-before-afterAny age is suitable for cosmetic acupuncture, clients of 25-35 years old use cosmetic acupuncture as a preventative treatment , delaying the aging and minimizing the damage of the stress ; others may use acupuncture to treat acne or rosacea skin;while clients of 40-and onward will benefit from cosmetic acupuncture for it’s corrective approach : the collagen regeneration , allowing a tighter skin , more rejuvenated appearance.

Benefiting from the modern technology and ancient wisdom, cosmetic acupuncture is usually combined with other modalities to achieve a more immediate result , such as using therapeutic oxygen to infuse cocktail of rejuvenating serum , intense pulse light, micro current, micro dermabrasion or manual remodeling facial massage … please book a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed acupuncturist to discuss the best treatment plan for your specific skin condition.

The treatment may be reimbursed by your extended medical insurance.